What Paris invented before London

A fascinating article on Londonist, looking at a number of significant historical events that Paris gained the upper hand by performing them before their cross channel rivals. This went along way into establishing Paris as one of Europe's most iconic and pioneering cities and a place where everyone wanted to be. The strange thing is, many of things we often associate as being synonymous with London was actually developed in Paris, here is a a few of the most surprising findings in this recent study.

If you ask people to say the first thing that comes to their head when they think about London, the most common things you’ll here are the queen, the houses of parliament and the red double decker bus. Well now it turns out that the iconic London transport vehicles’ origins may lay in the French capital. Way back in 1828 a French businessmen called Stanislas baudry was testing his omnibus concept in Nantes before beginning commercial services in Paris and beyond. The idea was then brought over to England by George Shillibeer before coming a national institute and great source of national pride.

you may be aware that the first arc light was invented in London back in 1808 by Humphry Davy, but it wasn’t until 1878 before a practical system was put into place in order to light the streets of the city. This was done by scientist Pavel Yablochkov in Paris and soon became some implemented in cities throughout the world including London.

We’ve all heard the term french kiss which was a gift to the world given from the french. paris is often regarded as the city of Love and this is not a new reputation and has been consistent for a very long time. In fact the first couple escorts were available in Paris, a tradition that we are continuing to this very day. We all owe a great deal of gratitude to many of those pioneering figures of French history.

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