Explore Geneva Virtually

You may not of heard but its national preservation month, and in celebration of this Geneva's prestigious preservation commission has developed a virtual tour of all of the city's iconic landmarks and architectural wonders. We adore Geneva and thoroughly recommend anyone to embark on this virtual tour, however for those looking to experience this for the real deal can do so in the company of couple escorts Geneva.

The announcement to introduce this to Geneva is marked by the 50 year anniversary of the National Historic preservation act.The tours main aim is to highlight the importance of historic preservation and provide everyone with a mean to feel connected with the history of Geneva, which is one of Europe's most illustrious and culturally important cities.

The virtual world is becoming ever more intertwined with our own, which can only be a good thing. It allows to see and explore places we may never be able to do so in person. It also provides an archive of current buildings saved, for future generations who will be able to walk the streets the Geneva.

You can take the virtual tour here, but if you wish to experience the real thing and do so in extreme style in the company of couple escorts Geneva and we will be delighted to show you our personal tour of Geneva including some of its most important and enjoyable places to discover.

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