Best Cocktail bars in Geneva

Geneva proudly boasts some of the finest bars in Europe, and its is perhaps most famed for its exotic and innovative cocktail bars. Here at couple VIP we are huge fans of cocktail bars, as they provide the perfect setting to establish an intimate connection with our clients and the perfect environment to really get to know each other. Geneva is a city known for its astounding natural beauty and now perhaps it is time for it to be known for its escorts Geneva and cocktail bars. So read on for our recommendations of the best cocktail bars in the Swiss capital.

The first bar to make it onto our list is the highly trendy L’Antidote restaurant/bar. While the food is definitely worth a try, what really attracts its customers is the fantastic range of cocktails that they offer. There is live music often by a DJ and sometimes a band and the place is known for its vibrant and buzzing atmosphere, as well as its superb cocktails. Many of the cocktails are made up by their mixologists and therefore you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

Perhaps the most famous cocktail bar in the city is L’atelier Cocktail club, this superb little bar has truly put itself on the map with its excellent range of drinks and perhaps it's slightly overpriced menu, on which you will find an extensive selection of both new and old creations, a firm favourite of ours the aperol chilli-pepper and kumquat, certainly packs a punch. The barmen also have the skill and the ingredients to create bespoke and personalized cocktails, what could possibly be better?

The third and final bar to make it onto our list is La Verre a Monique, which perhaps isn’t the most typical of Geneva bars. The self proclaimed speakeasy, would certainly appear more at home in 1920s New York. It has a definite charm and personality to it and is a fantastic place to relax and unwind in the company of escorts Geneva. If you would like more recommendations or information from us then simply get in touch.

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